Established in 2003, the UK Stem Cell Bank facilitates the use and sharing of quality controlled stem cell lines to support scientific research and clinical development of stem cell therapies. 

The work of the UK Stem Cell Bank covers three main areas:

  • Banking- Acting as the sole public repository of all UK-derived human embryonic stem cell lines, holding over 139 stem cell lines and distributing research and European Union Tissue and Cells Directives (EUTCD)-grade lines.
  • Research- Undertaking research to improve the standardisation, quality and safety of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-based products, collaborating with international partners to deliver projects supporting the development of stem cell therapies and developing WHO reference materials for Advanced Therapies.
  • Regulation- Being active in the UK regenerative medicine infrastructure, providing support and advice on international best practice, policies and guidelines relating to stem cell use and regulation around the world.

How can we help

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Our staff

Dr Elsa Abranches - Group leader/Director of UK Stem Cell Bank
Dr Ross Hawkins – HTA Designated Individual
Kate Cornish – Senior Stem Cell Scientist
Leo Perfect – Senior Stem Cell Biologist

Dr Chrysoula Konstantinidou - Deputy Production Manager
Jamie Wood - Stem Cell Scientist
Judith Prince – Quality Systems Coordinator
Pedro Raposo – Bioinformatician
Clare Wise - Production Manager


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