Interactive dilution curves

Last updated: 2020-03-12

For each variant, hover the "+" cursor over the dilution curve at the variant percentage required to see the dilution to be performed.

For example, to prepare a further standard of variant percentage 15% for TP53 c.916C>T (R306*), hover the "+" cursor over 15% on the curve to see the dilution required i.e. 1.85 means that a 1 in 1.85 dilution (1 part of material 18/130 plus 0.85 parts of wild- type, material 18/164) will yield a further standard of variant percentage 15%, e.g. 2.00 μl of material 18/130 plus 1.70 μl of material 18/164.


* The variant percentage (%) is shown at 5 decimal places to ensure the accuracy of the dilution curves. Users are likely to be working with a maximum 1 or 2 decimal places so rounding may be required.
Do not export the graphs for your calculations. Calculations are only valid when made on this webpage.